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Agricultural Bank Offers CFPA Microfinance RMB 200 Million Wholesale Loan

Posted in MF Marketplace on October 20th, 2009 by Yam Ki – 4 Comments

According to a Sohu Article, the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) has offered CFPA Microfinance a 200 million yuan wholesale loan.

Based on my research of CFPA Microfinance, this will be CFPA Microfinance’s third wholesale loan agreement.  The first was with the China Development Bank back in December 2006 for 100 million yuan and the second was a revolving credit facility with Standard Chartered Bank in January 2008 for 20 million yuan.

Such wholesale loan agreement is a win-win for both parties.  CFPA Microfinance gets additional funds to expand its loan capital and ABC meets the three agricultural dimensions policy loan requirement (三农) mandated by the government.  Moreover, ABC doesn’t have to waste its time making microfinance loans on its own, which it has done poorly in the past.  Depending on how much leeway ABC with its auditors on how to classify the loan (whether it is considered to be implicitly government backed), it may only need to be put up minimum capital reserve requirements.

This agreement not only increases CFPA Microfinance’s loan capital, it solidifies the MFI’s lead in China’s microfinance sector.

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Standard Chartered Village Bank Offers Unsecured Loans to Farmers

Posted in Inner Mongolia, MF Marketplace on July 9th, 2009 by Yam Ki – Be the first to comment
Standard Chartered Flyer

Standard Chartered Flyer

The hype around Village Banks is finally delivering something real.  Standard Chartered Village Bank in Inner Mongolia made an announcement yesterday that it will offer unsecured credit to farmers.

Established in August 2007 by the CBRC, Village Banks (VB) were seen as the path to bring credit to China’s rural areas.  Like microcredit companies, VBs can only mobilize deposit and make loans within their county of incorporation.  Three foreign banks have established local branches under read more »

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