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With Schlein, Accion Signals Business Focus

Posted in Inner Mongolia, MF Talent on September 13th, 2009 by Yam Ki – 3 Comments

Two days ago, Accion release a press release that it has selected Michael Schlein as its President and CEO.  Schlien is an excellent choice given his experience at Citi’s International Franchise Management unit.  The appointment signals that Accion is likely going to grow in towards the commercialization path (remembering it’s 100% return on Compartamos Banco).

I noted the mention of China in the PR.  I’ve heard that Accion just hired a new operations person for their Inner Mongolia office, so I expect to see their MF efforts in China to kick back up soon.

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Chinese Microentrepreneurs May Get Legal Licenses!

Posted in MF Marketplace, MF Talent, SAIC Policy on July 23rd, 2009 by Yam Ki – 1 Comment

Fry Tofu Seller in Beijing

Happy Fry Tofu Seller in Beijing

China’s State Council just issued a draft ordinance that allows street vendors and other microentrepreneurs to register for permits and recruit employees legally. The draft ordinance, titled “Individual and Household Business Ordinance (Draft)” / “个体工商户条例(征求意见稿)“, will allow micro-enterprises to get access to loans from alternative sources such as small loan companies and village banks. read more »

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Quick Lessons from China Association of Microfinance / CICETE

Posted in Finance Policy, MF Talent on July 2nd, 2009 by Yam Ki – Be the first to comment

I had a meeting with a source at the China Association of Microfinance / China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE) yesterday and learned a few things:

1) Small Loan Company (小额贷款公司) is really Microcredit Company version 2 (小额信贷公司).

Apparently the CBRC never intended for the microcredit company to be completely “credit” base. They wanted them to provide loans with collateral / guarantees; hence the rename and new law. read more »

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